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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor taught me how to type and
I highly recommend it! Makes Keyboarding Fun!

Free Online Python For Loops Tutorial covers: Range() Function - For Loop Structure and Syntax - Loop Body - Loop Through Strings - Nested Loops

Test Your Typing Speed Test Your Typing Speed Online NOW for FREE
on our Free Typing Test Speed Calculator

Typing Certification
This is the best FREE typing test online,
plus you can get an official typing certificate!

Microsoft Excel Free Test
How much do you know about Excel?

Microsoft Excel Tutorials and Training Manuals FREE

Need to brush up on your MS Excel skills?

Microsoft Word Free Test
How much do you know about MS Word?

Microsoft Powerpoint Free Test and Cheat Sheets
How much do you know about MS Powerpoint?

Apple Mac
You think you know about Apple Computers?

Do you know the rules of being politie on the Net?

Linux Skills Tests
This generates random questions concerning Linux.  

Hacker purity
Are you more elite than ZeroCool, or couldn't you hack your way out of a paper bag. Pretty long!

The Java Test
How much do you know about JAVA?

The IT Test
How much do you know about Information Technology?

The C++ Test
How much do you know about C ++?
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