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ADHD Test ADD Test – Adult ADD – Kids ADHD Free Online Tests

ADHD Tests – ADD Tests

*Adult ADD/ ADHD
* Kids ADHD /ADD

ADHD Test – ADD Test – Dr Daniel Amen
Did you know there are as many as 8 types of ADD or ADHD – Classic ADD, Anxious ADD, Ring of Fire ADD, Overfocused ADD, Temporal Lobe ADD, Inattentive ADD and Limbic ADD. This is a personality test aimed at unveiling the specific ADD and ADHD symptoms. It was developed by Dr. Daniel Amen, a nine-time bestselling author and one of the most respected therapists in the USA, founder of numerous clinics around the country. It is a free psychometric tool, which will help you discover the exact type of attention disorder you may have. In this ADD test you would have to rate various aspects of your behavior on a scale of 0 to 4, to discover any attention deficit disorder symptoms. This free ADHD test reveals symptoms of attention deficit disorder in 88 straightforward, easy to answer questions. The personality test is divided into several categories, to help users easily identify their behavior.

ADHD Self-Test for Women
This ADHD test for women has been designed with special consideration for the characteristics and usual symptoms in women and could help you identify some ADHD symptoms in yourself or a loved one. The causes of ADHD differ but the signs and symptoms of ADHD can be identified with tests and with the help of your doctor.

A Wide-ranging but Quick ADD ADHD Test
The goal of this personality test is to provide an all-embracing, comprehensive understanding of any ADD / ADHD symptoms. Unlike most other ADD/ ADHD tests, this one is very short, it contains only 19 questions, yet measures a wide range of symptoms in both adults and children. There are two scales to this personality test, one measuring Attention Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as impulsivity, and the other assessing the Attention Deficit Disorder component. This ADD / ADHD test is easy to administer, as it contains only “Yes” and “No” questions.

Test Your Knowledge of ADHD
How much do you know about ADHD symptoms, ADHD treatment, ADHD causes, ADHD in adults and children? With this test you can test your ADHD knowledge. This free online test if very easy to do and useful because it teaches you to recognize ADHD symptoms.

Kids ADD Test
Online Attention Deficit Disorder Test for parents to answer about their child. Online tests can be an indicator only – diagnosis of ADD must be completed by a qualified professional. This test is divided into 5 helpful sections – Your Child at School – Your Child’s Personal Problems – Your Child’s Behaviour at Home – Your Child’s Health – How You Might Feel As A Parent. It will help you to understand the signs and symptoms of ADHD which your child may be suffering from.

Ages 6-9 Kids ADD – ADHD Free Online Quiz
This quick and simple ADD/ADHD children’s test is meant for kids ages 6-9. If your child is having difficulties at school, he or she may be suffering from children’s ADD/ADHD and by checking the ADD/ ADHD symptoms with this free online ADD/ADHD test you will be making the first step to helping your little one.

Children’s ADHD Test for ages 6-9 and 10-18

This is an extremely useful free online psychological test for any parent who may suspect that their child is exhibiting ADD/ADHD symptoms. This tool measures ADD/ADHD symptoms and can help parents find professional assistance with ADD/ADHD in kids. This free ADD/ADHD test is especially helpful because it has two versions – for 10-18 year olds and for 6-9 years old.

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