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Free Common Nouns & Proper Nouns Test – 10 Question Quiz with Answer Explanations

Common Nouns and Proper Nouns Test
Free English Grammar Test Online

* What is a noun?
* Some basic definitions of nouns
* Proper nouns
* Common nouns
* Eponyms

10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers and Answer Explanations

Proper Nouns and Common Nouns Test

1) Which of these is a noun?
a) Joy.
b) Computer.
c) Autocracy.
d) All of the above.

2) Nouns can be:
a) Common.
b) Proper.
c) Verbs.
d) Options a and b.

3) You can tell whether words are proper nouns because:
a) They refer to a particular person, place or idea.
b) They do not have a capital letter.
c) They are general.
d) They denote a class of people, places, or ideas.

4) What is an eponym?
a) A proper noun.
b) They are derived from proper nouns.
c) They are derived from verbs.
d) They are derived from common nouns.

5) Which of these words is an eponym?
a) Couch. 
b) Phone book.
c) Boycott.
d) All of the above.

Q6 - Common Nouns and Proper Nouns Test
6) "This little piggy went to the market; this little piggy stayed home." Select the correct option:
a) "Piggy" is a proper noun.
b) "Market" is a eponym.
c) "Home" is a common noun.
d) All of the above are correct.

7) Which of these is a proper noun?
a) Jane.
b) Spain.
c) Microsoft.
d) All of the above.

8) Which is correct?
a) I studied philosophy.
b) I enjoyed working with my English teacher.
c) One of my favorite subjects is science.
d) I would like to be a Physicist one day.

9) What is a concrete noun?
a) It is a noun that can be touched.
b) It is a noun that cannot be touched.
c) It is a derivative of a proper noun.
d) None of the above.

Question 10 - Common Nouns and Proper Nouns Test
10) Which of the sentences below is correct?
a) I am Danish.
b) The Danes are a lovely people.
c) Hamlet was a great Dane.
d) All of the above


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