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EQ Tests – Free Online Emotional Intelligence Tests

EQ Tests

Emotional Intelligence Test

This is an extensive emotional intelligence test, which will help you recognize your behavior in certain social situations, where you may need to acknowledge your own emotions or those of others. This free online EQ test consists of 146 questions and can be considered all-embracing. To learn what your emotional intelligence is, you need to answer each question in this personality test using a 1-5 scale.

Maetrix Emotional Intelligence Test

MEIT or the Maetrix Emotional Intelligence test is a quick and free online test to help you discover some ways to improve your relationships with others. It is based on Goleman’s EQ theory and can help you figure out your emotional IQ in 40 questions and approximately 10 minutes.

Leadership and Management EQ Test

A fantastic EQ assessment to test your leadership skills. If you are aspiring to be a respected manager, this test can help you gain a better understanding of your emotions at work and how they could affect your future. This EQ and leadership skills test is made up of 192 questions to be answered in 20-25 minute and test 30 competences, covering 6 key areas.

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Emotional Intelligence Quotient Test

This is a simple emotional intelligence test, which you can complete in a few minutes, as it has 25 questions. This EQ assessment online is aimed at revealing the ways in which you perceive and deal with emotions. The free EQ test is easy to administer and can change your social world!

Body Language Test

This fun and free EQ test will allow you to focus on your abilities to recognize the meaning of various gestures and facial expressions. With this emotional intelligence test you will be able to perfect your understanding of others and achieve healthy communication. Understanding body language is a key part of emotional IQ.

Emotional IQ Test
This free online EQ test focuses not only on the way emotion recognition affects your relationships with others, but also on the ways in which you experience emotions in various situations. Once you have taken this emotional IQ test, you will be able to recognize which of your emotional responses may need work. This 20-question emotional intelligence test has been created by the therapist and author Taylor White.

Emotional Performance Assessment

This free EQ quiz will help you reveal the truth about the effectiveness of your performance in various emotional situations. Emotional assessment could help you improve your relationships with others and achieve a happier existence. This emotional IQ test, consisting of 20 questions, focuses primarily on performance under pressure.

Alcohol Addiction Test
Are you a heavy drinker or are you an alcoholic?

Kids EQ Test

The test is aimed at discovering the kids’ EQ and how they deal with different emotions. The questions are separated in several different categories, to help assess emotions in children. Since the test is adapted for children and resembles a fun game for kids, it will be easy for your child to complete.

Enneagram Personality Test

The Enneagram Personality Test contains 60 questions and is one of the best and oldest methods to test your EQ. This  emotional aptitude test can help you find out how you respond in different situations and where you might need work. The free Enneagram test is a great tool for anyone who wants an EQ assessment.

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