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iPad Typing – Learn How To Type FREE on iPad

Ipad Typing with iColorType

LEARN HOW TO TYPE for Free on Your iPad
using Color Code Keys

iColorType has a new “FREE” App – a typing tutor – you can download for your iPad. I’ve written “FREE” in inverted commas because although you can download the App for free and they then provide a Free Typing Test and a FREE lesson called “Short Words” the rest of the lessons cost $0.99 each.

iPad Typing Tutor

As you can see in the images iColorType colors your iPad’s touch pad to identify which finger you should use with each letter on the touch pad. It guides your fingers by color association.

How to Type using Color Codes - iPad

iColorType says it will help you develop correct motor skills, muscle memory and hand-eye co-ordination to develop fast accurate and safe typing and has varied and interesting typing lessons.

Typing Test - iPad iColortype

If you use your iPad a lot it is probably worth at least downloading the free version as there is a bit of a knack to typing on the iPad and little bit of practice goes a long way. The system of using color keys to teach you which fingers to use is really helpful and will help you to learn to type. The skills are transferrable to typing on your computer or keyboard.

It requires iOS 5.0 or later

Other lessons that iColorType charges $0.99 each for are:
Medium Words
Most Common Words
More Common Words
Common Misspellings
Away From Home
Long Words


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