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Learn How to Type with FREE Online Typing Games – Free Typing Games for Kids – Little and Big! Keyboarding Games

FREE Online Typing Games

Keyboarding Games
Free Typing Games for Kids – Little and Big!

Learning How to Type Fun the Fun Way!!

Tarantuloid Typing Terror

If Your Typing Tutor is not Scary Enough to get you to Type Fast Try this Game!
Nothing Like having a Tarantula Chase You to get your WPM up! ROFLMAO!

Scroll Down to other games if you hate Tarantulas!

Description: Tarantuloid Typing Terror is a first person shooter game designed to test and improve your touch typing skills. The game incorporates a basic touch typing tutor – learn or improve your touch typing skills using the ‘Target Practice’ option. There are eight different training guides, each focusing on a different keyboard keys. Follow the text guides and use the ‘on-screen hands’ to help you to learn and improve your skills. This game is free – sorry about the advertising comes with the game.

KeyBricks Copyright TypingMaster 2010

Xylophone Rhythm Typing Game!

This is a Fast Typing Game so hold on to your hat!

See if you can type to the rhythm of these old favorite tunes with the Xylophone Rhythm Typing Game!


Has 4 levels but actually they are all quite fast…each level has different tunes to type to and you can choose from 7 different tunes in each level.

KeyMan Copyright TypingMaster 2010

Word Reaper Typing Game!


Type words as fast as you can to improve your keyboard skills – you move through 3 different typing levels – after 30 seconds the words will become longer and then once the words are fully grown the typing speed will increase!

KeyMan Copyright TypingMaster 2010

Fast Typer 2


Improve your typing skills, type as many words as you can before the time runs out! See if you can beat your own typing score!

KeyMan Copyright TypingMaster 2010

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Tips on How to Type Faster and have more Fun on your Keyboard!


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