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IQ Tests Free Online Intelligence Tests

IQ Tests

The Stanford – Binet IQ Test

This is one of the most popular IQ tests and even though it was first used in France, at the beginning of World War I, it has been updated a few times and it still extremely trustworthy. This intelligence scale measures 5 dimensions of cognitive functioning in 60 questions. You have 40 minutes to complete this free online IQ test.

The Bracken School Readiness Children’s IQ Test

This IQ test for children was designed to determine whether or not a child is ready to begin school. The intelligence test is suitable for children of ages 2.5 – 6. The purpose of this kids IQ test is to test basic skills such as identifying colors, shapes and sizes, understanding numbers and letters.

FREE Spatial IQ Test

This IQ test was designed for children from the age of 6. It is a free intelligence test, containing 5 categories, which become more difficult as the child progresses. The Spatial IQ Test was designed by Dr. William McConoc, who is a prominent psychologist with many years of experience in the field.  If your child is 6-8 years old, he or she should be supervised by an adult while taking the kids IQ test, without being stirred toward the correct answer.

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Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader

This is a fun IQ test for adults, whose purpose it is to help you find out how much of your elementary school knowledge you have retained. This fun intelligence test contains 15 questions and is an entertaining pastime activity.

FREE Online 15 Minute IQ Test
IQ Test Labs: This is an intelligence test certified by Ph.D. specialists in the field. You have 15 minutes to take this IQ test and receive an analysis on your intelligence and your capacity for improvement. It is a free online IQ test, which can only be taken once per computer terminal. This test is currently being rewritten but you can still do the practice test…

MAT Practice Tests
The Miller Analogies Test has been created to test a person’s ability to form analogies. The MAT test is a widely used intelligence test that is aimed at evaluating reasoning skills and basic knowledge in key subjects such as math and natural sciences. This free MAT practice test will help you gain a better understanding of IQ scale.

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Mensa International: Mensa Workout

A ‘non-IQ’ IQ test, biased in favor of English-speaking people.

EU Based Intelligence IQ Test
Online IQ Test processed on statistics from the European Union.
Gives information on your intelligence in comparison with others.

Playing Games with Memory
Four games using memory, fun and actually teaches you how to remember better!

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