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IT Technology – Information Systems Free Online Tests & Quizzes

IT – Information Technology
Free Online IT Tests
About IT – Article – What is IT?

IT Tests

Apple Mac
You think you know about Apple Computers?

Do you know the rules of being politie on the Net?

Linux Skills Tests
This generates random questions concerning Linux. 

Hacker purity
Are you more elite than ZeroCool, or couldn’t you hack your way out of a paper bag. Pretty long!


Computer Programming Languages

Free Online Python Programming Tutorials & Tests

Free Online Python For Loops Tutorial
Free Online Python For Loops Test

Python For Loops – Loops allow execution of a fragment of code numerous times. Definite loops have a counter to store the number of iterations, others are called conditional loops and their execution depends on some preset conditions.

Free Online Java Programming Tests

Java Fundamentals Programming Test
The Fundamentals of Java in creating Java comments, statements and block and using identifiers, keywords, literals, data type, variables and operators in the program.

BufferedReader Java Programming Test
Importing the java.io package to get an input using BufferedReader in the program.

JOptionPane Java Programming Test
Importing javax.swing package to get an input using JOptionPane in the program.

Decision Control Structures Java Programming Test
Creating a program using different Decision Control Structures like if, if-else, if-else-if, and switch statements.

Repetition Control Structures Java Programming Test
Creating a program using different Repetition Control Structures like while, do-while and for loop statements.

Branching Statements Java Programming Test
Creating a program using different branching statements like break, continue, and return statements.

Free Online C++ Programming Tests

About C and C++ Free Online Tests

Microsoft Office

MS Excel
Excel Tests – Excel 2010
* 16 Free Online Microsoft Excel Tests

MS Word
Word Tests – Word 2010
* 16 Free Online Microsoft Word Tests

MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tests – PowerPoint 2010
* 6 Free Online Microsoft PowerPoint Tests

About C++ and C++ Free Online Tests

About IT – What is IT?

IT, short for information technology, is a term loosely used to describe elements associated with computers and computer-related equipment, such as networks, computer hardware, software, internet, storage drives/space and more.

Up until recently, if you mentioned IT to any group of people who do not directly work in the IT industry, stereotypical images of an elite group of super-smart, spectacle-wearing, and socially inept computer nerds may have sprung to mind.  Wrong though this stereotype may be to describe those in the computer industry in the past, the IT world post the super successful and cool, late Steve Jobs and billionaire, Bill Gates, is a different arena.  IT no longer belongs only to those who furiously code complex software programs, hack government supercomputers, build computers and computer peripherals from scratch or the pimply teenager down the road who fixes your printer and home network.  The multiple sectors of IT has grown over the past decades to where it now includes creatives who design beautiful webpages, software developers that design everything from desktop applications and mobile phone apps to graphically rich computer games. 

Depending on your specific interests and aptitude, entering the world of IT professionally could be one of the most fulfilling paths to pursue.  Learn to:

* build and analyze databases of information by becoming a data analyst;

* code, build and design webpages by becoming a web or graphic designer;

* conceptualize, design and code software programs by becoming a software engineer;

* support computer hardware and software users by becoming a technical or desktop support technician; or

* manage networks and systems that connect employees in an office by becoming a systems administrator.

Even if you do not seek a career in an IT-related field, our lives are powered, stored, activated, narrated, written, sustained by information technology. We use IT to communicate with each other, to complete work and university assignments, to connect with the world around us and as a platform to build great ideas to improve our lives.  Imagine a typical day in your life: you are awoken by the alarm on your mobile phone, you sign in to check your email and social media messages on your home computer, tablet or mobile phone, the traffic lights on your way to work that regulates the flow of cars, the security scanner at the entrance to your office building instantly recognizes your fingerprint, you sit down and you switch on your work computer.  Our lives run on IT.

Understanding the different technologies and roles that fall under the blanket term, IT, is useful to understand should you wish to pursue a career in IT and also helps to clarify what kind of professional you need to contact for different aspects of information technology in your work and personal life.

Information Technology enriches our lives in ways previous generations never thought would be possible.  To quote Bill Gates:  “I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.”

What are you waiting for? Start learning more about IT today!