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What MS Excel Training is best for you? QUIZ

What MS Excel Training is best for you?
What type of Excel user are you?

Microsoft Excel Quiz

With all things in life, you have to start somewhere.  Being aware of what kind of Excel user you are, what you wish to use the program for, how often you use it and at what level you currently are (for example Novice, Intermediate or Expert), could act as a guide for the type of MS Excel training you need to pursue.  This quiz is meant as a guide only.

Count up the totals for how many times you select each option (a,b,c or d).  Then review the option descriptions below for the option you selected most.

1. Which of the following are you most likely to use Microsoft Excel for over the next month or so?
a. I would like to create a cost analysis spreadsheet, address list or invoice template for my work.
b. I would like to create a personal budget and list of recipes for myself.
c. I would like to add a list of names and addresses to Excel, instead of writing them out or typing them in a document.
d. I have absolutely no need for Excel currently.

2. Which of the following best describes your history with using Microsoft Excel?
a. I have been using Excel for work, studies and personal reasons since I can remember.
b. I have used Excel occasionally for some work, study and personal tasks.
c. I have never used Excel but I have opened and viewed spreadsheets in Excel and have seen other people use it.
d. I have never used Excel at all.

3. How often have you used Microsoft Excel over the last month?
a. I have used Excel on an almost daily basis this month.
b. I have used Excel at least once a week over the past month.
c. I have used Excel once or twice over the past month.
d. I have not used Excel at all this month.

4. When faced with doing a task, such as creating a budget that calculates automatically in Microsoft Excel, which of the following options best describe your feelings?
a. I feel confident that I will know how to complete the task, and if I don’t know how to complete certain aspects of it, I know where to find information to assist me.
b. I feel a little apprehensive, I am not sure how to do calculations beyond sum, division and multiplication.
c. I feel stressed. Although I know how to enter data into Excel, I don’t know how to make figures calculate automatically.
d. I have no idea how I would add the budget data and I don’t know what AutoSum means.

Excel Pie Chart

5. Study the screenshot above. This is an example of a pie chart. It was created using an existing data set. How long would it take you to create a similar chart?
a. I could create the above chart type in under an hour.
b. It would take me more than an hour to create the above chart type.
c. It would take me a very long time to figure out how to create the above chart. I am not sure I will succeed.
d. I have no idea where to even begin creating this kind of chart.

6. Have you ever used the Wrap function in Microsoft Excel?
a. Yes, it is an essential function for me in everything I do in Excel.
b. Yes, I have used it once or twice. I am not completely confident with it though.
c. No, I have not used it at all, but think I know what it is used for.
d. No, I have never heard of or used this function.

7. If someone entered a formula such as: =SUMIF(A2:A13,”May”,B2:B13), would you know what it calculates or how it works?
a. Yes, I can clearly see what this formula does and often use these kinds of formulas and functions.
b. Yes, I think I know what this formula does, but would not know how to use it myself.
c. No, I am not sure what this formula means. I think it sums numbers, but I’m not sure.
d. No, I have no idea what the above means.

8. Which of the options below best describe your training requirements (if any) for Microsoft Excel?
a. I would like to learn more about the advanced options in Excel, such as complex formulas and functions.
b. I would like to learn how to use Excel and improve on what I currently know about the program.
c. I know the basics of using Excel and would like to build on this to improve my skills.
d. I have no experience with Excel and would like to start at the very beginning.

9. If you were asked to insert headers and footers, such as page numbers, into an Excel worksheet, which of the options below best describe your initial response?
a. No problem, I have done this a couple of times.
b. I think I know how to do this, give me a minute.
c. I am not sure. Can you wait and I’ll Google it?
d. What are headers and footers in Excel?

10. Does Named Ranges, Absolute and Relative References mean anything to you?
a. Yes, I use these frequently in my worksheets, specifically in formulas and functions.
b. Yes, I have heard of these but I am not sure how to use them.
c. I have heard of one of the items mentioned, but not all of them.
d. I have never heard of any of the items mentioned.


Count up the totals for how many times you selected each option (a,b,c or d) in the quiz above then review the option description below for the option you selected most:

Mostly option a:

You probably use Excel in your professional capacity for work or advanced studies You use Excel frequently, on an almost daily basis, and are well aware of the uses and benefits of Excel. You understand how to use formulas and functions and you are confident with formatting a worksheet to your specifications.

You have a high level of skill in Excel, but would like to improve your current skills or learn about functions you do not know so well yet. You have specific needs for training that may be tied in with your work, personal or study requirements to learn a specific function or skill.

Training recommended for you would be Microsoft Excel online tutorials and classes, Microsoft Excel online video tutorials and guides.

Mostly option b:

You have used Excel in the past and you currently use it as needed. Although you know how to get by using Excel, you know there are better ways of performing tasks that you currently use Excel for. You sometimes struggle to get a formula or function to work and wish you could perform tasks in Excel more efficiently.

You have an intermediate level of skill in Excel and would like to improve your skills and master using Excel.

Training recommended for you would be Microsoft Excel tutorials that start with the basics, which you could use as a refresher course, and then work your way up to more advanced functions. Microsoft Excel online classes, videos and quizzes could also assist you with specific tasks.

Mostly option c:

You use Excel occassionally only. It may be that the reason(s) you do not use it more often is you do not feel confident using Excel or you are not sure which tasks to use it for.

Your motivation for wanting to learn more about Excel is possibly to improve your future or current job prospects and be able to add Excel to your resume.

Training recommend for you would be Microsoft Excel classes that you either attend in person or online. Completing Microsoft Excel online tutorials which start with the basics, will help to give you a solid grounding before taking any Microsoft Excel classes.

Mostly option d:

You have never used Excel before and are completely new to the program.

Taking this quiz and reading more about Excel would have already given you a taste of what Excel is capable of and possibly good reasons to want to learn how to use it. Before you make up your mind about Microsoft Excel, first complete a few free Excel tutorial lessons. You can open Excel and practice the skills taught in the tutorials in Excel for yourself.

Don’t forget to have fun! Excel is an amazing program and you may find you are unable to stop after starting on the road to becoming an Excel master.

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