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Free Excel Test – Intermediate Excel Shortcuts Test – Excel 2010 & Excel 2013 – 10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers

Intermediate Excel Shortcuts Test

Free Online Microsoft Excel Tests
Excel 2010 & Excel 2013

* Shortcuts streamline tasks that you frequently perform in Excel by allowing you to quickly access specific functions.
* Memorizing a couple of essential shortcut key combinations could save you time and frustration and could even assist you in using different versions of Excel as most shortcut keys have not changed in the last decade! 

10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers
and Answer Explanations

Intermediate Excel Shortcuts Test

1) What is the keyboard shortcut to display the Insert Hyperlink dialog box?
a) Ctrl + K
b) Ctrl + H
c) Ctrl + N
d) Ctrl + I

Question 2 - Intermediate Excel Shortcuts Test
2) Study the screenshot above.  This workbook contains multiple worksheets.  To quickly insert new worksheets, which shortcut should you use?
a) Ctrl+N+W
b) Ctrl+F12
c) Ctrl+F11
d) Shift+F11

Question 3 - Intermediate Excel Shortcuts Test
3) Study the screenshot above.  This is the Context Menu that pops up when you right-click in a worksheet.  Which of the following shortcuts will allow you to access this menu without using your mouse?
a) SHIFT+F10
c) SHIFT+%
d) SHIFT+@

4) Which shortcut could you use to repeat the last formatting action you performed in a worksheet?
a) F7
b) Ctrl+R
c) F4
d) Ctrl+F2

5) Which shortcut could you use to save a workbook under a different name (save as)?
a) Ctrl+S
b) Ctrl+N
c) F12
d) Ctrl+R

6) Let’s face it, the Ribbon can get in the way but when it’s gone, we miss it.  Which shortcut can you use to hide and display the Ribbon?
a) Ctrl+F1
b) Ctrl+H
c) Ctrl+Shift+R
d) Ctrl+R

7) Can’t find a number or word in Excel?  Use the Find box to help you.  Which of the following is the shortcut for launching the Find Dialogue box?
a) Shift+F
b) Ctrl+F
c) F2
d) Shift+F2

8) Absolute and Relative References ensure formulas always refer to the intended cell or cells.  A shortcut for toggling between Absolute, Relative and Mixed References is:
a) F6
b) Ctrl+F4
c) Shift+F4
d) F4

9) What happens when you press Ctrl+9 when a row is selected?
a) This hides the selected row(s)
b) This inserts a new row above the selected row
c) This deletes the row
d) This copies the content of the selected row to the clipboard

10) Which shortcut can you use to quickly sum the values of cells using the AutoSum function? 

a) Ctrl+S
b) Shift+A
c) Alt+=
d) Shift+S+=

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