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Free Excel Test – Protecting Worksheets Test – Excel 2010 – Worksheets

Protecting Worksheets Excel Test

Excel 2010 Training – Worksheets
Free Online Microsoft Excel Test

* Password Protect a Workbook
* Protect a Worksheet from Changes
* Protect a Workbook Structure from Changes
* Unlocking Selected Cells to Allow Edits

10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers
and Answer Explanations

Protecting Worksheets Excel Test

1) In order for the Lock or Unlock Cells function to work, which option should be enabled? 
a) The Protect Workbook function needs to be enabled.
b) No functions need to be enabled other than the lock or unlock cells options.
c) The worksheet must be saved before the cells will become locked or unlocked.
d) The Protect Worksheet function needs to be enabled.

Question 2 - Protecting Worksheets Excel Test
2) Study the screenshot above.  Based on this image, do you think the selected cell(s) are locked or unlocked?
a) They are locked.
b) They are unlocked.
c) It is impossible to tell.
d) The sheet is protected, so all cells are locked.

3) What does the Protect Workbook function do?
a) It protects all the worksheets in a workbook from being reformatted or typed into.
b) It adds a password to access the worksheet.
c) It prevents worksheets from being inserted, deleted or moved.
d) It saves a workbook in a way that will allow only a select group of people to access to it.

Question 4 - Protecting Worksheets Excel Test
4) Study the screenshot above.  Where will you find the option to launch this dialogue box?
a) Under the Home tab, in the Cells group, click on the Format menu and select Lock Cells.
b) Under the Insert tab, in the Text group, click on the Worksheet Protection button.
c) Under the Review tab on the Ribbon, click on the Protect Workbook button in the Cells group.
d) Under the Review tab on the Ribbon, click on the Protect Worksheet button in the Cells group.

5) Casey is doing a very confidential company budget worksheet in Excel.  How can she prevent anyone, including the IT department, from being able to open the file and view its contents?
a) By clicking on the Home tab, selecting Protect Sheet and entering a password to prevent access to the sheet.
b) By clicking on the Info tab in the Backstage View, selecting Protect Workbook – Encrypt with Password and entering a password.
c) By clicking on the Review tab and selecting Protect Workbook and entering a password for protecting the sheet.
d) All of the options listed above will block access to the workbook.

6) How do you remove Workbook Protection that has been applied to a workbook?
a) Open the file, enter the password and then resave the workbook to remove the protection.
b) Right click the workbook and select Remove Protection from the menu list.
c) Select the cells to unprotect, click on the Home tab on the Ribbon and select Lock Cells in the Format menu.
d) Click on the Review tab on the Ribbon and then click on Protect Workbook in the Changes group.

7) Which option will protect a worksheet window from being minimized?
a) Protect Workbook with the Windows option ticked.
b) Protect Workbook.
c) Protect Worksheet with the Windows option ticked.
d) Protect Worksheet.

8) What is the only way of removing password encryption on an Excel file?
a) Resaving the workbook as a new document or making a copy of it.
b) Opening the workbook as Read Only and resaving it without a password.
c) Opening the workbook in Protected View and resaving it without a password.
d) Entering the password to open the Workbook and then deleting the password created in the Permissions – Encrypt with Password box.

9) How can I specify that I want users of my worksheet to be able to change and apply formatting when the worksheet is protected?
a) Tick the boxes for Format Cells, Format Columns and Format Rows in the Protect Sheet dialogue box.
b) Select only the Structure and Windows options in the Protect Workbook dialogue box.
c) Select pre-set formatting options from the Cell Styles Gallery under the Home tab in the Styles group.
d) All of the options listed above are incorrect.

Question 10 - Protecting Worksheets Excel Test
10) Study the screenshot above.  A colleague has sent this workbook to you because they believe it is corrupt as most of the functions, for example Alignment, Number Formatting and Styles on the Ribbon are greyed out and impossible to select.  What is happening here?
a) The worksheet has been encrypted with a password.
b) The worksheet has been protected.
c) The workbook has been protected.
d) The workbook has become corrupted due to oversharing.

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