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Free Excel Tests – Using Macros – Excel 2010

Using Macros Excel Test

Free Online Microsoft Excel Test
Excel 2010 Training – Macros

* Running a Macro
* Recording a Macro
* Assign a Macro to a Button
* Save a Macro-Enabled Workbook
* Delete a Macro

10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers
and Answer Explanations

Using Macros Excel Test

1) Which of the descriptions listed below best describe what a macro in Excel does?
a) It is a type of formatting you can apply to enlarge the worksheet area.
b) It is a file type that you save a workbook as.
c) It is a series of instructions contained in one command that you can use to automate complex and/or repetitive tasks.
d) It is a recording function that allows you to save worksheets, audio recordings and videos that are displayed on the screen.

Question 2 - Using Marcos Excel Test

2) Study the screenshot above.  What is the appropriate action to take when a workbook displays this message (Security Warning Macros have been disabled)?
a) Close it immediately and delete the file.
b) Check where the file originates from, and if it is a trusted source or your own workbook, click Enable Content.
c) Close the file then right-click and rename it before opening it again.
d) None of the options listed above are correct.

Question 3 - Using Marcos Excel Test

3) Study the screenshot above.  Where will you find the option to launch the Macros dialog box?
a) Under the Insert tab on the Ribbon, in the Macros group.
b) Under the Formulas tab on the Ribbon, in the Functions group.
c) Under the Developer tab on the Ribbon, in the Code group.
d) Under the Developer tab on the Ribbon, in the Add-Ins group.

4) If you wanted to replace the INDEX-MATCH formula, used in question 3 above, with a VLOOKUP formula, which of the following would yield the same result as the INDEX-MATCH formula, when entered into the highlighted cell in the screenshot above question 3?
a) Format selected cells with bold, green font color, blue border lines.
b) Insert a formula into a selected cell.
c) Print a selected section of a worksheet.
d) All of the above.

5) What is the shortcut key for launching the Macros dialog box?
a) Alt+F8
b) Ctrl+F8
c) Ctrl+Shift+M
d) Alt+M

6) Workbooks that contain macros must be saved in the following format:
a) Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
b) Microsoft Office Macro-Enabled File (.mef)
c) Excel Template (.xltx)
d) Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (.xlsm)

Question 7 - Using Marcos Excel Test
7) Study the screenshot above.  Which part of the process of creating a macro is reflected in this image?
a) No macro has been recorded yet.
b) A macro recording is in progress.
c) A macro has already been recorded and is busy running.
d) None of the above.

8) How can you view and delete macros that have been created in a worksheet?
a) Press Alt+F8, select the macro to be deleted and click delete.
b) Under the Developer tab, click on the Macros button in the Code group.  Select the macro to delete and click delete.
c) Press Alt+F11.  Click on Tools and select Macros.  Select the macro to delete and click delete.
d) All of the options listed above are correct.

9) Where do you assign a Macro to a button on the Ribbon?
a) In the Customize the Ribbon area of the Excel Options dialog box. 
b) In the Record Macro dialog box.
c) In the Macros dialog box.
d) Under the Insert tab on the Ribbon, select Insert Macro Icon.

10) Whilst busy recording a macro, you make a mistake.  What is the best course of action?
a) You can pause the macro and click Rewind to fix it.
b) You should re-record the macro.
c) You should press Undo.
d) None of the options listed above are correct.

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