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Which Version of PowerPoint are you using?

Which version of PowerPoint are you using?

MS PowerPoint Tutorial/ Instructions

Which version are you using?

Microsoft introduced the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007 and further improved the interface and usability of the program in PowerPoint 2010. Currently, PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013 are the most widely used versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is packaged with the Microsoft Office suite of programs and is included with Office 365.

To check which version of PowerPoint you are currently using, watch the start-up screen after you click the icon to launch PowerPoint. If your computer processor is really fast, it may display too quickly for you to read. In that case, check which version you are using by trying one of the following options:

• Click on FILE then on Account. Look for the version under Product Information (you are using PowerPoint 2013 if this worked for you); or

• Click on the FILE tab then on Help, the version will be displayed in the right-hand panel on the screen (you are probably using PowerPoint 2010 if this worked for you); or

• Click on POWERPOINT on the menu at the top of the screen and select About PowerPoint (you are probably using Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 or 2011 for Mac if this worked); or

• Click on the Office button at the top left-hand corner of your screen, select PowerPoint Options,
Resources and then About (it is likely you are using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 if this option worked for you); or

• Click on the HELP button located at the top of your screen then select About Microsoft Office PowerPoint (it is likely you are using Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 if this option worked for you).

It is important to know which version you have installed in order that you find online Microsoft PowerPoint tutorials, classes, videos and forums that fit the program version you are using. You can find TestsTestsTests.com FREE online Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Tutorials with corresponding Tests here.

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What MS PowerPoint Training is best for you? Quiz – Being aware of what kind of PowerPoint user you are, what you wish to use the program for, how often you use it and at what level you currently are (for example Novice, Intermediate or Expert), could act as a guide for the type of training you need to pursue.

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