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WORD TEST: Styles in Word Test – Word 2016 Styles: Creating, Modifying & Applying Styles in Word – Free Word Quiz

Styles in Word Test – Word 2016 Styles
Creating, Modifying & Applying Styles in Word

Microsoft Word 2016 Test
Free Online Microsoft Word Test

  • Why Use Styles in Word
  • How to Apply Styles in Word
  • Creating Styles in Word
  • Modifying Styles in Word
  • Deleting Styles in Word
  • The Role of Styles in Word Template Design

10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers
& Answer Explanations


Styles in Word Test 2016

1) Rory is tasked with updating an internal training document to match his company’s new document style specifications. However, when he changes the font for the “Normal” style, the headings and subheadings also change to the new font. Which of the following is likely to be the cause of this?

a) This is a known bug; he should upgrade to the latest version of Word
b) He is changing the wrong style
c) The original author did not use separate styles for normal text, headings and subheadings
d) None of the above

2) Samuel is tasked with creating an internal training document by next week Thursday. However, he’s aware that the company is planning to release a style specification document before the new year, as part of their corporate rebrand. Knowing that someone will have to update the document later, to match this specification, what should Samuel do?
a) Pray that they assign the task of updating it to Rory, the new intern
b) Use the default styles for now, they can be easily updated later
c) Suggest putting the document on hold, at least until the style specification is finalized
d) None of the above

3) Which of the following statements about styles in MS Word are true?
a) Styles can only be applied to paragraphs, not to individual words or characters
b) All text in the document has an assigned style, even if you haven’t assigned one
c) You cannot modify Word’s built-in styles
d) All of the above

4) Nora receives conflicting advice on how to create a style in Word. Which of the following are valid methods?
a) First format text in the document as desired, then choose ‘Create a Style’ from the Style Gallery Menu, finally name her style
b) First choose ‘Create a Style’ from the Style Gallery Menu, name her style, then click ‘Modify’ to set the formatting
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above

5) Albert typed a letter to his niece but did not apply a style. Which built-in style was assigned to the text in his letter?
a) Normal Style
b) Default Style
c) No Spacing Style
d) There is no style applied to the text

6) Inez created a template using a number of custom styles. Her boss wants her to update her Header_1 style to use Comic Sans, despite Inez’s objections. Which of the following best described the course of action Inez should take?
a) Create a new Style with the desired settings, remove Header_1 from the Styles Gallery, rename the new style Header_1
b) Right-click Header_1 in the Styles Gallery, choose Select All in the menu, and change the font to Comic Sans
c) With one of her headings highlighted, right-click Header_1 in the Styles Gallery, choose Update to Match Selection, and change the font to Comic Sans
d) Right click the Header_1 style in the Styles Gallery, select ‘Modify’ from the menu, change the font and click ‘Ok’

7) Which of the following statements about styles in MS Word are false?
a) Styles help maintain consistent formatting within and between documents
b) Every aspect of text formatting can be specified for a style
c) Styles make it easier to change the formatting in large documents
d) Custom styles must be created as part of a template

8) Andrew is trying to delete a style called Quote but the option to delete it is disabled on the menu. What could be the reason for this?
a) Quote is a built-in style and cannot be deleted
b) Andrew doesn’t have administrator rights and so cannot delete Styles
c) The style is in use, Andrew must first assign a different style to the instances of Quote in his document
d) The style is already deleted, Andrew must simply refresh before the change will show

9) Styles which can only be applied to an entire paragraph are identified by which of the following characters being displayed next to the style name?
a) Ƥ
b) ρ
c) ¶
d) φ

10) Which of the following statements about style deletion are true?
a) Both Custom and Built-in Styles can be deleted
b) Both Custom and Built-In Styles can be removed from the Styles Gallery
c) Styles cannot be deleted if they are assigned to text in the document, you first need to assign that text a new style
d) All of the above

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