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Free Word Test – Page Numbering Beginner Test – MS Word 2010 – Formatting

Page Numbering in MS Word Beginner Test

Free Online Microsoft Word Tests
MS Word 2010 – Formatting

* Insert a Page Number
* Format a Page Number
* Edit a Page Number
* Restart Page Numbering
* Delete a Page Number
10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers

& Answer Explanations

Page Numbering in MS Word Beginner Test


1) Penny needs to number the pages of a document for her boss.  She double-clicks in the footer of the first page of the document and types the words: “Page 1”.  She continues to number the rest of the 27-page document in the same way.  Which of the following do you think best describes what is right or wrong about her approach?

a) Nothing wrong with her approach, this is an effective method for inserting page numbers to a document.
b) Nothing wrong with her approach, the page numbers will automatically update when she exits the footer of the document.
c) This approach will not work unless she inserts section breaks into her document.
d) Her page numbers will not update automatically and all the pages in her document will be numbered Page 1.
2) Which of the following formatting elements can be changed or applied to the page numbering of a document?
a) Bold, italic, font types, font color and font size.
b) Paragraph spacing and line spacing.
c) Text alignment, borders and shading.
d) All of the above represent formatting that can be applied to page numbering.

Microsoft Word Test - Page Numbering Beginner Test - Question 3
3) Study the screenshot above.  How did the creator of this document get the word ‘Part’ to appear in front of the automatic page number in the footer of the page?
a) They typed it in ahead of inserting the automatic page number.
b) They used the Number Format option to include the word Part.
c) It is a number type in the Page Number gallery.
d) They used section breaks to split the document up into parts.

4) Which of the following elements are pivotal to numbering the second page of a document as page 1 instead of as page 2
a) Section break, link to previous, Numbering Format.
b) Page break, Different First Page, Numbering Format.
c) Different First Page, Format Page Numbering, Numbering Start At.
d) Numbering Format, Different First page, Restart Numbering.

Microsoft Word Test - Page Numbering Beginner Test - Question 5
5) Study the yellow circled area in the screenshot above.  Which of the following are NOT numbering formats available from the Number Format list?
a) – 1 -,-  2 -, – 3 -, – 4 -, ‑ 5 – etc.
b) A, B, C, D, E etc.
c) (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), etc.
d) I, II, III, IV, V, etc.

6) To delete all the page numbers in a document, which of the following methods will be the most efficient?
a) Click on the Remove Header and Remove Footer buttons, respectively.
b) Select the footer region by pressing Ctrl+a whilst your cursor is in the Footer and press Delete.
c) Select the whole document and press the Delete Page Numbers button.
d) Press the Page Number button in the Headers & Footers group and select Remove Page Numbers.

7) What happens if you click on the Top of Page option which appears when you click on Page Numbers?
a) Your existing page number will move to the top of the page.
b) A gallery with formatting and page number position options appears.
c) Your existing page number will move to the top center position of the page number area.
d) A gallery with page number position options appears.

8) Is it possible to have a mix of different Page Number Formats in the same document?
a) No, it is not possible.  Whichever format you select will be applied to the whole document..
b) Yes, it is possible. Select the page number you wish to change and use the Page Number Formats function to apply a different format.
c) No, it is not possible.  The Page Number Format options match the style and format of the document.
d) Yes, it is possible.  Using a combination of section breaks and the link to previous option will enable you to do this.

9) Casey is doing an assignment for her Law class.  It is a requirement that pages be numbered in uppercase Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, etc).  However, Casey’s document is numbered in lowercase Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, etc).  How can she quickly fix this?
a) By selecting the correct number format (I, II, III, IV, etc) from the Page Number Format dialogue box.
b) By selecting all the page numbers in the document and using the Change Case button in the Font group to change it to Uppercase.
c) By typing the first page number in the correct format and pressing enter to effect the change throughout the document.
d) None of the above options are accurate.

10) Which of the following is NOT a method for inserting an automatic page number into a document?
a) Select the footer region of a page in the document.  Click on the Page Number button and select a page number to insert.
b) Copy an automatic page number from another document and paste it into the header or footer region of a new document.
c) Use the Page Number button under the Insert Tab in the Header & Footer group to insert a page number.
d) All of the above options are correct.

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