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12 Free Online Microsoft POWERPOINT TESTS (with ANSWER EXPLANATIONS) – PowerPoint 2010 Tests Index Page

12 Free Microsoft PowerPoint Tests Index

MS Office PowerPoint 2010 Training
10 Question Multiple Choice Tests & Quizzes
with Answers and Answer Explanations

1. Understanding PowerPoint (MS Office 2010)
* Planning Good PowerPoint Presentations Test ( 1 Test covers 2 tutorials)

2. Getting Started with PowerPoint Test – MS Office 2010 ( 4 Tests)

3. Working with Slides PowerPoint Tests ( 7 Tests)

1. Understanding PowerPoint (MS Office 2010 Training)
* Planning Good PowerPoint Presentations Test
* 1 Free Online Test

Planning Your PowerPoint Presentation Test &
What Makes a Good PowerPoint Presentation Test (MS Office 2010)
(This test covers 2 tutorials)

* The Goal of the Presentation
* Consider Your Audience
* What are Your Points?
* Create Presentation Your Outline

* Carefully Planned Content
* Appropriate Slide Design
* Using Multimedia Elements
* Managing PowerPoint During Your Talk

PowerPoint is used to enhance your oral presentation and keep the audience focused on your subject. Before opening PowerPoint you need to plan your presentation. PowerPoint is abused and overused. Do you know the key points to making a good PowerPoint presentation?

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2. Getting Started with PowerPoint (MS Office 2010 Training)
* 4 Free Online Tests

The PowerPoint Screen Test (MS Office 2010)
* The Ribbon and Tabs
* The Quick Access Toolbar
* Slides and Outline Tabs
* Slide Notes Area
* The Status Bar

Starting out in PowerPoint it is important to identify and understand all the things you see on the screen. This includes the Ribbon, Tabs, the Quick Access Toolbar, Slides and Outline Tabs, the Slide Pane, the Note Pane and the Status Bar.

PowerPoint The Backstage View: Using the File Tab Test (MS Office 2010)

* The Backstage Area
* Saving a Presentation
* Recent Places
* Printing a Presentation
An overview of the common tasks that can be completed using the File Tab aka The Backstage View including the list of recent documents, using pushpins to keep documents at the top of the list, print and print preview, and save and save as.

PowerPoint Views Test (MS Office 2010)

* Normal View
* Slide Sorter
* Notes Page
* Reading View
* Master Views
* Slide Show View
* Presenter View

There are different ways to view your presentation depending on what you want to do.  Understanding and using the different views in PowerPoint can make your work much easier. This includes Normal, Slide Sorter, Reading, Outline, Notes, and Slide Show.

Working with Themes in PowerPoint Test (MS Office 2010)
* Applying a Theme
* Theme Fonts and Colors
* Background Graphics
* Save a New Theme

Using a Theme in PowerPoint takes all the guess-work out of creating a presentation. The colors, fonts and other design elements are selected for you to give your presentation a professional look and feel.

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3. Working with Slides PowerPoint Tests
* 7 Free Online Tests (Microsoft Office 2010 Training)

PowerPoint Slide Basics Test (Microsoft Office 2010)

* Inserting Slides
* Deleting Slides
* Changing the Slide Order
* Understanding Content Placeholders
* Selecting and Changing Slide Layout

Slides are the primary output of PowerPoint. The fundamentals include creating new slides, understanding placeholders, changing layouts, and copying, deleting and re-ordering slides.

Avoiding Poor Slide Design in PowerPoint Test (Microsoft Office 2010)
* Consistent Slide Design
* Using Font Style Sheets for Presentations
* How many lines per slide?

Poorly designed slides can be boring and frustrating for your audience. Do you know what not to do? 

Working with Text in PowerPoint Test (Microsoft Office 2010)
* Inserting Text
* Selecting and Formatting Text
* Changing the Slide Order
* Cut, Copy & Paste Text
* Rotating Text

It takes some finesse to select, copy, move, format, delete and rotate text. Let us teach you how! It will saves you heaps of time and make you feel like an expert.

Text Boxes & Placeholders in PowerPoint Test
* Recognizing Text Boxes & Placeholders in PowerPoint
* Insert & Delete Text Boxes & Placeholders in PowerPoint
* Resizing Text Boxes & Placeholders in PowerPoint
* Moving & Rotating Text Boxes & Placeholders in PowerPoint
* Aligning Textboxes & Placeholders on a Slide
Text is added to slides by using text boxes and placeholders. Working with text boxes includes adding, re-sizing, moving, rotating and aligning the boxes.

Using the Outline View in PowerPoint Test
* Insert and Edit Slides in the Outline View
* Move or Delete Slides in the Outline View
* Import an Outline from Microsoft Word
* Print an Outline in PowerPoint

The Outline View is a quick and easy way to add content to your presentation without worrying about formatting.  Build the Outline in PowerPoint or Word. 

Using Notes in PowerPoint Test
* What are Notes
* How to Add Notes to a Slide
* How to Use Notes During a Presentation
* Printing Notes

Notes are for the presenter. They are the details of what you want to say when a particular slide is being projected. The Notes function in PowerPoint fulfill the role of a speaker’s flashcards or printout of a speech used during a talk to guide the presenter as to what they want to say as each slide in the presentation is displayed.

Using the Slide Sorter View Test
* What is the Slide Sorter View
* Change the Order of Slides
* Delete Slides
* Hide and Unhide Slides
* Insert and Remove Sections

The Slide Sorter view lets you see multiple slides in thumbnail view. This makes it easy to see the sequence of slides, change the order, hide or unhide, or delete them.

PowerPoint Training – PowerPoint Training & PowerPoint MOS Exams Explained

How to use PowerPoint – What is Microsoft PowerPoint? What can Microsoft PowerPoint be used for? What are the benefits of using MS PowerPoint to perform the above functions?

What MS PowerPoint Training is best for you? Quiz – Being aware of what kind of PowerPoint user you are, what you wish to use the program for, how often you use it and at what level you currently are (for example Novice, Intermediate or Expert), could act as a guide for the type of training you need to pursue.

What Version of PowerPoint are you using? Find out how to find out!