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Free Excel Test – Using the File Tab Test – Excel 2010 – Getting Started

Using the File Tab Test

Free Online Microsoft Excel Tests
Excel 2010 – Getting Started

* Recent documents
* Pushpins
* Print
* Print Preview
* Save
* Save as
10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers
and Answer Explanations

Using the File Tab Test

1) Select which of the following lists most accurately represent functions found in the Backstage View in Excel:
a) Save, Page Layout, Document Preview, Print, Recent Workbooks and Review.
b) Save, Save As, Open, Close, Info, Recent Workbooks, Recent Places, New, Print and Options.
c) Save, Save As, Open, Recent Print, Print Preview, Page Layout, Options and Access.
d) None of the above lists are entirely correct.

2)The Recent Workbooks list located in the Backstage View shows all workbooks recently opened.  What action can I take to ensure a workbook remains on this list regardless of how many workbooks I opened subsequent to opening this workbook?
a) I can save the Workbook to the Recent Workbooks folder. 
b) By adding the Workbook to My Favorites on the Quick Access Toolbar.
c) The Recent Workbooks list automatically keeps all workbooks that have been opened and I do not need to do anything.
d) By ‘pinning’ the workbook to the Recent Workbooks list by clicking the pin icon located next to it.

3) John has a workbook open that his colleague created.  The workbook is titled: “Management Budget”.  John wants to use this workbook as a base for creating a workbook called “Project Management”.  Which of the following is the correct sequence of actions for him to take?
a) File – Backstage View – Save – File Name – “Project Management” – Save.
b) File – Backstage View – Save As – File Name – “Project Management” – Save.
c) File – Backstage View – Open – File Name – “Project Management” – Open.
d) File – Backstage View – Save As – File Name – “Management Budget” – Save as Type – “Project Management”.

4) Study the Print Preview in the image below.  Which of the following statements is NOT true about how this worksheet will print?
a) It will print over 2 pages.
b) It will print in portrait orientation.
c) Sheets will be reduced to fit onto 2 sheets.
d) Sheets will be printed at their actual size.
Question 4 - Using the File Tab in Excel Test

5) Study the image below.  Which of the following actions will allow you to exit the Backstage View and continue working in the actual workbook?
a) Pressing the Home tab.
b) Pressing the Exit button.
c) Pressing the Close button.
d) All of the above options are correct.
Microsoft Excel Test

6) The following shortcut key combinations will allow you to Open, Close and create a New workbook, respectively:
a) Pressing Alt + O to Open, Alt + C to Close, Alt + N for New.
b) Pressing Control + O for Open, Control + C for Close, Control + N for New.
c) Pressing Control + O for Open, Control + W for Close, Control + N for New.
d) None of the above options are correct.

7) Lucy made some changes to a workbook called “Sept 2014”.  She then clicked Save As, typed “Sept_2014_New” in the File Name box and clicked Save.  Which of the following statements are true?
a) The changes Lucy made to “Sept 2014” will be reflected in the new workbook, “Sept_2014_New” only.
b) The changes Lucy made will be reflected in both versions, “Sept 2014” and “Sept_2014_New”.
c) By using the Save As function Lucy replaced the file “Sept 2014” with “Sept_2014_New”.  The original file no longer exists.
d) The changes Lucy made will stay in “Sept 2014” and will not be reflected in “Sept_2014_New”.

8) Ben is using a colleague’s PC.  He is curious as to how much his colleague earns and when he sees a folder with the title “Budget”, he decides to snoop.  He opens the folder and views a few of the workbooks in this folder.  Will his colleague be able to know he snooped, and if yes, how?
a) No, Ben is safe.  Unless his colleague is an IT specialist, he will never find out.
b) Yes, if his colleague presses the Data tab on the Ribbon, this will reveal a list of recently displayed documents. 
c) No, Excel automatically deletes recently access workbook and file history if you close and shutdown the PC.
d) Yes, if his colleague opens the Backstage View and go to the Recent Workbooks and Recent Places area.

9) A client emails you and informs you that they were unable to open a workbook you sent them as they still use MS Excel 2003.  Which of the following options will quickly resolve this issue and allow the client to open the workbook?
a) They will need to install MS Excel 2010 or use someone else’s software in order to open the workbook.
b) You can use the Save As function to select a Save As Type:  Excel 97-2003 Workbook.
c) If you open the workbook, you can go to the client and copy and paste all the content into their version of Excel.
d) If you rename your workbook:  “Excel 2003”, this will allow the client to open the file.

10) Which of the following statements about the Print Preview is true?
a) It allows you to view what your document will look like before you physically print the pages.
b) You access the Print Preview area of the Backstage View by pressing:  Control + P.
c) You access the Print Preview area by clicking on the File button to go to the Backstage View and then on the Print button.
d) All of the above statements are correct.

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